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Hey, if you ever visit Moscow, I would be willing to be your guide. I probably cannot provide lodging myself, but I will try to help you out with any translation and general guidance.

And since you are from Istanbul, I believe we still have reasonably priced air travel. People willing to see Russia for themselves are always welcome here.

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I was born into a US Air Force family. Dad was a B-52 pilot for SAC and slept in barracks by the runway two weeks at a time so if the siren went off they could launch his and five other B-52s off of the same runway in under 15 minutes to fly over and nuke Moscow.

Then they sent him to Vietnam and had him drop bombs on them. Then one day they told him to fly towards Cambodian airspace as high and as fast as he could, drop all his bombs at the last second, then veer away so we could claim the bombs “accidentally” drifted a few miles into their country.

Then after he went home they called him back and had him fly helicopters full of “insurgents” into Laos so we could ruin their country too. Did their best to make him the last American to die for South Vietnam, but they couldn’t take him down.

America does not deserve the brave men and women who serve in her military anymore. Too many betrayals.

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This is why I'm rooting for the Axis of Resistance. The presence of Israel and American bases is the number one factor preventing widespread regional integration. The Saudis and Iranians, Turks and Egyptians, the rival Yemeni factions, all of them, once at odds are now repairing their ties but one thorn remains. That thorn is Israel and its American backers.

The thing about a Russia-China world order is while neither society is desirable, neither society possesses the bizarre eschatological reasons to get involved in the Middle East that Jews and their Christian Zionist allies in Congress possess nor do they possess the equally bizarre, Trotsky-esque desire to spread Liberalism to the Muslims. Russia merely cares that its naval base at Tartus is intact and that there's no movement of Jihadists to Chechnya and China merely cares that it's oil imports continue to flow.

This makes both countries far more predictable powers to work with. But this is why the Iran-led Axis of Resistance is so key. Iran's unique relations with Russia and China allow it to act as an interlocutor with these powers and potentially opens the door for some sort of Iran-Saudi-Turkish power sharing agreement that safeguards all the Muslims of the region. But this is only possible with a widespread American decline

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Russia china stopped the yemen war. Negotiated. Russia let china take the credit

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'America' is Moribund. Today, it is nothing more than a Sledgehammer used by Davos Man & related 'Elites' to pursue their various ideals (Global Government, Transhumanism, etc.)

The Zionist Entity meanwhile is the Client State it uses to Bring Palestine & West Asia to Heel. Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing are its tools of Choice, & 'America' is squarely behind it all.

Granted, you will find still that America pre-globalism (i.e. Rural, not interested in Foreign entanglements, etc.), but it does not have True Power & Influence.

Professor Aleksandr Dugin would dub said other America as comprising 'West #2' (as opposed to 'West #1'). Unfortunately, the point of no Return has been reached & Global War, whereby everyone else has to engage in Punitive Military Action to Bring 'America' & West#1 to heel... is upon us.

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This is a heartfelt expression of disappointment and disillusionment about the covert Deep State/Cabal controlling America. Elected politicians are merely puppets of corporate elites and bankers who run the government and media from the shadows. Most Americans are good but uninformed people who have been gradually enslaved by Cabal propaganda and lies. Many American people do care about the brutal atrocities going on in Ukraine and the Middle East and are just as horrified as the author. The US was founded on the importance of religious freedom and remains so today.

The elite Cabal, represented by the WEF and UN, is what needs to be taken down to save humanity. The Cabal is destroying the constitutional US, as clearly seen from the southern border immigration crisis. Their NWO agenda does not allow nation states to survive. They want to destroy Russia and China for the same purposes of planetary dominance by the few elite billionaires. It’s no use to run to another country and expect better because this is a global problem.

Blame an out of control and powerful Cabal that operates like a criminal mafia. Americans need education, but sadly mind control measures have so far been successful in blocking the willingness of the majority to see the truth. Even Putin in interview by Tucker mentioned the power of the mainstream media to censor the truth.

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Good news for the world. Netan yahoo is on the run. Iran "retaliated" against Israel. I wonder what this means for world balance of power. Its about time someone stepped up to the jew-owned West.

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Russia and china r comijg out of darkness. America is entering the darkness. China needs 10 more years. Russia is doing very well. God s own approves. Read dugen s article on having allies. Very good reform of western liberalism.

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I think the problem with your argument is as you say you're not well versed on Russia and China. Chinese actions in Xinjiang constitute a genocide with hundreds of thousands either being 're-educated' or are being used as forced labor. In foreign policy terms, a move towards Russia and China ensures an authoritarian positioning in the region which you yourself claim you don't want. I'm not denying America's actions over the decades haven't been short sighted, even selfish, but the promise of a 'new order' emerging out of regimes which don't even pretend to care about democracy and human rights would be a colossal moral disaster.

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While that's clearly a genocide, they Chinese were inspired by Israelis surveillance and control in the west bank and I imagine they've taken a page from the endless forced evictions, prison/kidnapping of minors without trial, random murders with impunity. Israel is at the nexus of world Islamphobia. We Muslims do not require vengeance in this life. We can rest assured that the nonbelievers who oppress us will roast in hell eternally, that part has been checked.

But we can't ignore that America and allied countries have essentially staked everything on being the best ally they can to the country that spies and steals from them, broken their own stated values all in order to oppress us.

There is no clear winner in the multi-polar world. But we're definitely losing as long as the USA is strong and allies with the Israelis.

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I have not seen evidence of genocide there. Saudis and others went there and said no genocide of muslims.

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It is unfortunate but I believe you made the right choice. We've got to develop ummah talent and ummah independence. Not going to be easy but the sheer rate at which the west declared that every single one of their own values can be broken just to harm us, just to murder and amputate and burn our children has been enough of a lesson. We are forever degraded in the west because they know and we know that we are there to have comfortable lives relieved of the chaos and mess of back home. And perhaps we can return better able to fix things.

But at the end of the day, these people rejoice, celebrate, lust after the blood of muslim children. Social media has proven this beyond any doubt. They must be resisted and fought, and to the extent that pleases Allah, wrecked vengeance on. Others will escape justice in this life only to boil in hell forever in the next. And on Allah we rely.

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا وَظَلَمُوا لَمْ يَكُنِ اللَّهُ لِيَغْفِرَ لَهُمْ وَلَا لِيَهْدِيَهُمْ طَرِيقًا

إِلَّا طَرِيقَ جَهَنَّمَ خَالِدِينَ فِيهَا أَبَدًا ۚ وَكَانَ ذَٰلِكَ عَلَى اللَّهِ يَسِيرًا

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I fail to understand your slanted point of view! Do you not understand how many Americans have protested the murders of Palestinians in Gaza! They have gotten in trouble for speaking up because our government is fully communist occupied against the will of the American people who believe in a constitutional republic! We are appalled at the stand our government has taken! We vehemently oppose what Isreal is doing to the Palestinians! We oppose all this mind control manipulation psyop that is being used to escalate the whole situation in the middle east! For many years the American people have been lied to and played by the communists who took over our government years ago! Just in the last 5 years have we finally recieved enough information to understand how corrupt our government and the governments of most of the world are! And also we now understand how seriously we were decieved about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq! From the bottom of my heart I reach out to all in the middle east in compassion and apologize for the atrocities commited against you! Please understand it is not the average American citizen who is complicit in these atrocious covert opperations! There is a greater plan in play here and in the whole world the psyop of which we are all being subjected too is terrible! Somehow the people of the world need to take their power back from the elites and all the corrupt governments because according to Klaus Schwab they want to lower the world population by 7.5 billion people and that means all of us! Black , White, Muslim, Christian,they don't care! Please understand our real enemy is the NWO agenda and those behind it! I am so sorry about all the misery the communist NWO is causing in the world! Understand from my heart that I love the Creation of God and I am vehemently opposed to what they are doing to destroy it! I pray that the people of the world will come together to stop the evil plans of the communists! Please understand that the average American is not your ememy! The corrupt factions of the governments of the world in lockstep with the corrupt Satanic NWO agenda are enemies of the good people of the world. May our Creator help us, protect us, and make a way for us to live in peace and love and cooperation with each other here on the Earth!

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Atrocities have been committed. Every powerful nation has done that, the question we have to ask ourselves is when in power does the American ethos lend itself to more or less senseless violence than the other great powers.

There is no Muslim sphere of influence being built in the current world, no power center is going to sit idly while another power center establishes itself. At its inception Islam found itself in a region where two major empires were shells of their former selves. The Persian and Roman.

We need to ask ourselves who do our values align with more?

Democracy and free speech should be the corner stone of any civilization in todays world. There is no prophet, no khalifa that is going to lead. Only humans and humans get corrupted. Democracy and free speech are guard rails against that. This nation is more democratic and allows more free speech then both China and Russia. We shouldn’t ignore that.

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free speech is over valued. This nation worships at the altar of perpetual warfare.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

While I understand that having the US take your trust and break it must feel terrible, I will have to disagree with your position.

If we were to look at the track record of the alternatives like the PRC and Russia, who WILL FILL THE VOID if the US leaves, we see two nations that, if we forget their crimes against not only Muslims but Islam itself, we see that have contributed nothing to Muslims.

The United States has in my opinion helped Islam from being snuffed out in Bosnia, Myanmar, And Afghanistan. It has directly contributed to the rise of powerful Islamic majority countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc. But that still does not excuse it from its support of Israel.

The US picked a side more than half a century ago and still suffers the consequences of that decision. The problem is that the world was much different then, and we are beginning to see the indications of that with the support for Israel amongst Americans today dropping to record lows. If this were any other country, I would have lost hope years ago, but this is the US; Policy can shift in an election cycle, and the people can help guide its course. Hope for a better tomorrow has been the main driving force for Americans; if you want to wallow in pessimism, then look to the East and accept their societies filled with helplessness and political nihilism for a system they can never influence or change. But here in the US, we will turn to hope, we will march, we will vote, and we will speak out. And InshAllah, we will see ourselves free of this devil on our shoulders.

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As an outsider it appears that Russia is more complicated and interesting than it seems as far as Muslims are concerned. Since the Chechen wars, it seems like Muslims in Chechnya and Dagestan are well integrated within Russia, are able to follow their faith openly and are respected within Russia. It was curious to see a video by Ramzan Kadyrov after the battle of Mariupol, and the sounds of Allahu Akbar was closely associated with Russians there. The story of how Chechnya moved beyond the devastation of the two Chechen wars is interesting in its own right.

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We have very complex realtionship with Muslim here in Russia. Both convessions need to go to significant lengths (and use plenty of propaganda) to make interactions as civil as possible. I would think that most muslim here in Russia would be viewed as ilhadi by other more traditionalistic Muslim. And most christian denominations would view people like me (who have read Quran and at least view Prophets' teaching as something of divine origin) as heretics as well. In this weird middle ground is where Russia remains. It is an uncertain balance. But centuries of propaganda and state control make it possible and feasable.

Don't forget that realistically laws are also malleable in Russia. For example, the law does not ouright forbid being gay. But it does forbid propaganda of their way of life. It does technically forbid stoning gays to death. But.... if an known gay were to dissapear, while travelling somewhere in Chechnya. Everybody would just shrug and say something about "F* around, find out". Nobody would look for this missing person very hard.

All of the said above is also my own take. You will find many people being agressively orthodox in their views. But the fringe cases are being actively supressed by our government most of the time. Don't rock the boat and all that.

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Don't forget that Russia often values unity and loyalty above ideology. Currently we have been trying to overcome any possible conflicts for the common progress.

Sure, some nationalists will argue that we spend too much money on Chechnya (to rebuild it after devastation). Some muslim traditionalists will argue that we should not have devastated Chechnya in the first place. But the reality is different: my government does not care what it takes to ensure loyalty, just that parts remain loyal. If you are willing to negotiate, then you can definitely negotiate a better financial position (look at Belarus), but if you are unwilling to negotiate, then you will be forced to (look at Ukraine).

View Russia more as a modern take on feudalic Empire. Surely, there is more control. But it still not homogenous or centralised to 100%.

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Actually the cia mossad fomented the violence in chechnya. All those isil terrorists are mossad cia created and trained.

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I know. But the situation there was really goddamn complicated. After operation "chechevitsa" by Stalin there was a lot of bad blood and animosity between russians and chechen.

My grandpa was a doctor there when chechen were returned to their lands in the 60s. He told me stories of how tough everything was there.

CIA are asholes. But their propaganda and funding found some fertile soil.

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If Stalin was involved, then it meant the NKVD and the khazarians were likely involved as well. The fake bolshevik joos. Same ones behind zionism and WW1/WW2 plus other false flags.

They have sworn undying vengeance against Persians, Slavs, and Americans for some time now. The CIA works with Mossad quite well.

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How is life in istanbul? How are you getting on with work, money, adapting to turkish society?

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