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One pattern you see over and over with the broad Muslim reaction to *literally anything* -- Israel, the US, Salman Rushdie, Danish cartoons, Muslim world dictators, Imran Khan -- you name it, anything -- is that it's entirely based on an emotional reaction rather than a calm, rational assessment of what strategy and tactics are most likely to accomplish the goal. The overwrought emotional reaction is then justified by saying, well, if you truly loved Islam/the Ummah/Rasulullah (saws) your blood should boil.

And look where that's gotten us.

Feel the emotion but then calm down and think seems to be utterly alien to our cultures.

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I agree with the thread running through your argument. This is essence of my complaint about the organisations, mosques, ethos promoted by the Uncle Islamist generation. The inherent worship and inferiority-complex of modernity produced misguided and indistinguishable results. Plenty of muslim doctors and engineers but immature social capital in western societies

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